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Your Robot Friend (Lightning Connector)

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Romo is a friendly robot from outer space who needs your help. All it takes to understand and assist him is your iPhone 5 or 5th-generation iPod touch (or later
model) along with the free Romo and Romo Control apps.

Quickly start training Romo with fun programming missions that also teach you the basics of computer programing. As you play, you'll unlock advanced features, such as object follow (throw a ball and Romo will chase after it), face detection (Romo will track and follow your facial movements), and path tracking (create courses and race tracks for Romo to follow). Watch as Romo becomes more able to react to people and events around him. Soon he'll be ready for the Robot Space Race. Learn and grow with your new robot friend.

Thanks to regular free updates from the App Store, Romo is one of the first truly smart, evolving toys. His abilities and features expand over time as you find endless ways to play and learn with him.

Romo also functions as an advanced communications device. You can invite friends and family from anywhere in the world to drive their Romo while streaming two-way video and audio. Any iOS device can control Romo via Wi-Fi, so you're able to direct his dynamic facial expressions and send him on impish journeys around the house.


  •     Romo has his own personality and will react to people and events around him
  •     Train Romo with programming missions that unlock new abilities and features
  •     Learn Romo's amazing story as you complete missions designed to teach the basics of computer programming
  •     Romo can learn to magically follow certain objects—throw a brightly colored ball and he'll chase it
  •     Face detection lets Romo track and follow your face
  •     Create tracks and paths that Romo can detect and follow
  •     Control Romo using any iOS device over a Wi-Fi network
  •     Telepresence permits control of Romo from anywhere in the world while he streams two-way video and audio (requires an iPhone 5 or 5th-generation iPod touch or later docked on Romo)

Did you notice?

As you create instructions and activities, you learn the basics of computer programming.

Apple Recommends For

Control and interact with a friendly robot using your iPhone or iPod touch and two free apps.

What's in the Box?

  •     Romo Rover Base
  •     Mini USB power cord
  •     User and product guide

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