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Cygnett Super Charge 5-Port USB Charger Black


PKR 5,900

Product Description

The SuperCharger UFO 5 Port USB Charger & Hub is ultra-convenient making it the perfect addition to every office, household or holiday. No matter the USB device, the SuperCharger UFO has you covered with its easy use connections and functional style.

More Power, More Quickly
The Cygnett SuperCharger UFO allows you to charge up to 5 USB devices at once, turning just one power point into a 5 way charging hub. Compact and lightweight with a soft touch finish, the SuperCharger UFO is the perfect addition to every office, household or holiday.

The 5 ports each offer 1 Amp of charge. Thanks to the smart charging chip, the SuperCharger UFO will reroute power away from any unused ports, always delivering a faster charge to your connected devices.

Compatible with all USB devices, from smartphones and tablets, to game console controllers, fitness trackers and many more devices. Power cable included with Type A plug type for use in United States, Canada & Mexico.

item code: CY1798POSCA

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